Development Kit for 3.3V MIL-STD-1553 Dual Transceiver with Variable Transmit Amplitude
Holt Integrated Circuits today introduced a new application development kit to support its recently announced HI-1590, a 3.3V MIL-STD-1553 dual transceiver with SPI-programmable transmit amplitude. The ADK-1590 is a standalone kit which connects directly to a MIL-STD-1553 bus and includes a microcontroller for demonstrating SPI programmable features. The included software demonstrates all key features of the HI-1590, including receiver sensitivity evaluation and transmitter output amplitude control via SPI or analog voltage input.   Read more
Holt Launches East Coast Sales and Customer Support Office in Commack, New York
Holt Integrated Circuits today announced the recent opening of its New York office, further expanding Holt's Business Development and Sales Support Infrastructure. Holt's new office is located in Commack, New York.   Read more
Small Footprint, Cost Effective IC and Transformer Solutions for MIL-STD-1553 Applications
Holt Integrated Circuits supplies the smallest footprint solutions for MIL-STD-1553 applications available on the market today. All protocol ICs integrate dual analog transceivers on-chip and operate from a single 3.3V supply. Select products communicate with the host using a 4-wire Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI), further reducing pin-count and size. When paired with Holt’s MIL-STD-1553 transformers, the resulting combination results in a compact, highly robust solution.   Read more
New 3.3V MIL-STD-1553 Dual Transceiver with Digitally Programmable Transmit Amplitude
Holt Integrated Circuits today introduced HI-1590, a new MIL-STD-1553 dual-bus transceiver with variable amplitude transmitter outputs. The output amplitude is controlled by programming an internal Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC) via a Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) or using an analog control voltage input. The new device is pin-compatible with Holt’s already popular HI-1570 and is designed for use with Holt MIL-STD-1553 isolation transformers.   Read more
New Discrete-to-Digital Sensor with Programmable Sense Thresholds and Internal Lightning Protection
Holt Integrated Circuits today announced a new discrete-to-digital sensor IC, HI-8429, an 8-channel device with programmable sense channels and internal lightning protection. The sense input thresholds are programmable via a 10MHz SPI bus and each channel may be individually configured as GND/Open or Supply/Open (28V/Open) sensors. Additional features include an optional debounce circuit and sensor output interrupt pin.   Read more
Development Kits for Latest Aircraft Discrete-to-Digital Parts
Holt Integrated Circuits announced today two new development kits for its latest discrete-to-digital sensor ICs. The ADK-8428 and ADK-8428-R kits demonstrate the features of HI-8428 and HI-8428-R, octal discrete sensing devices with individually configurable channels and SPI interface. The boards contain a 16-bit Freescale MCU and software which demonstrate a typical 4-wire SPI interface to an avionics discrete-to-digital IC.   Read more
8-Channel Discrete-to-Digital Sensing IC with SPI Interface and Individually Configurable Channels
Holt Integrated Circuits announces a new discrete-to-digital sensor IC. The HI-8428 has eight programmable sense channels, which may be individually configured as GND/Open or Supply/Open (28V/Open) sensors. The device is a drop-in replacement for the DEI1282.   Read more
First 3.3V ARINC 717 / ARINC 429 Transceiver
Holt Integrated Circuits announced today a new transceiver compliant with the ARINC 717 and ARINC 429 protocols. The device provides a seamless interface between the digital protocol and Harvard Bi-Phase (HBP) and / or Bi-Polar Return-to-Zero (BPRZ) encoded physical layers. ARINC 717 is the main protocol used in aircraft Digital Flight Data Recorders (“black boxes”) and Digital Flight Data Acquisition Units.   Read more
Alta Data Technologies uses Holt MIL-STD-1553 Integrated Transceiver/Transformer combination on eNet2-1553 Device
Holt Integrated Circuits, announces Alta Data Technologies (Alta) selected its integrated MIL-STD-1553 transceiver/transformer combination product, HI-2579, for use in the eNet2-1553 real-time Ethernet MIL-STD-1553 converter device. The HI-2579 is the World’s smallest 3.3V MIL-STD-1553/1760 dual transceiver with integrated dual transformers.   Read more
Holt Validates new ARINC 429 Line Receivers with Built-In Lightning Protection
Holt Integrated Circuits today announced validation of its latest ARINC 429 line receiver family, HI-8450/1 and HI-8454/5, with the lightning requirements of RTCA/DO-160G, Section 22, Level 3 Pin Injection Test Waveform Set A (3 & 4), Set B (3 & 5A) and Set Z (3 & 5B), using no additional external components. Validation was carried out by an independent ISO accredited lab using industry standard procedures and practices.   Read more
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