Holt’s long history in aerospace has resulted in products which meet the most stringent quality and reliability standards, making them ideal for applications in other harsh environments. Data bus products such as CAN and RS-485/422 have been used for years in many markets, even before their adoption by the avionics and military industries. Holt is ideally positioned to offer these products for applications requiring reliable and robust solutions, such as industrial automation or process control.



RS-485 / 422

Holt's range of rugged RS-485/422 transceivers is ideal for industrial fieldbus applications such as PROFIBUS. High operating temperature products (up to 200C) are available for applications such as down-hole drilling.

Analog Switches

Holt's Analog switch product line is specifically designed for use in harsh environments. Select products are capable of higher operating temperatures (up to 200C). The robust SOI technology makes these devices ideal for applications that benefit from or require low charge injection, high isolation or low leakage.

Controller Area Network (CAN)

Holt offers CAN integrated circuit products which provide solutions to implement the data link and physical layer interface of the CAN protocol stack.