Issues & Returns

At Holt, we are committed to the fastest possible resolution of our customers’ problems. Listed below are recommendations for documenting and preparing samples to be returned to Holt for analysis. Following these guidelines will help to insure the fastest assessment of the problem.

Review the tips below and then complete the online RMA Request Form. The support department at Holt will issue a return for analysis (RMA) number, and provide shipping instructions. Once Holt has received your shipment, a support representative will continue to provide timely and open communication with you as the analysis proceeds to resolution.
Tips on preparing parts to be returned for analysis:
  1. Before removing a device from a PCB, be sure to read J-STD-033 regarding proper moisture handling for plastic packages. It may be necessary to “bake out” the board to insure safe removal.
  2. Avoid extreme temperatures (above 220°C) during removal. If possible avoid using an “air gun” to remove devices.
  3. Do not cut off the leads to remove. This makes it extremely difficult to perform a comprehensive electrical test of the device.
  4. Do not clean or straighten the leads after removal.
  5. For multiple samples be sure to clearly identify each device separately by either marking individually or placing into individually marked bags.
  6. Observe all ESD procedures, and only ship in ESD protected containers.
  7. Describe the failure as completely as possible. Include pictures of waveforms, schematics, temperature at which failure occurred, etc. Include the condition of all other pins on the device, not only the failing pin.
  8. Note where in the process the failure occurred (first board test, during environmental cycling, etc.). If possible include copy of the process flow and solder profile.