Data Management and Protocol Bridges

Holt's HI-3200 Protocol Bridge IC allows easy communication between ARINC 429 and ARINC 825 (CAN) buses. The HI-3200 can be programmed to automatically re-format, re-label, re-packetize and retransmit data from ARINC 429 receive buses to ARINC 429 transmit buses, as well as from ARINC 429 to ARINC 825 (CAN) or the other way around.


See also our ARINC 825 (avionics CAN) products here.

DeviceDevice TypeDescriptionReleasedDatasheet
Data Management / Protocol Bridge Supports 8 ARINC 429 receive, 4 ARINC 429 transmit and one ARINC 825 (CAN) channels. Buses may be operated independently, or data may be stored or transferred between buses. 2011
HI-3210 ARINC 429 Data Management IC ARINC 429 Data Management IC supporting 8 receive and 4 transmit buses. 2011