The HI-8482 bus interface unit is a silicon gate CMOS device designed as a dual differential line receiver in accordance with the requirements of the ARINC 429 bus specification. The device translates incoming ARINC 429 signals to normal CMOS/TTL levels on each of its two independent receive channels. The HI-8482 is also functionally equivalent to the Fairchild/Raytheon RM3183.

The self-test inputs force the outputs to a ZERO, ONE, or NULL state for system tests. While in self-test mode, the ARINC inputs are ignored.

All the ARINC inputs have built-in hysteresis to reject noise that may be present on the ARINC bus. Additional input noise filtering can also be accomplished with external capacitors.

The HI-8482 line receiver is one of several options offered by Holt Integrated Circuits to interface to the ARINC bus. The digital data processing for serial-to-parallel conversion and clock recovery can be accomplished with the HI-6010, HI-8683 or similar devices.

The HI-8482 is available in a variety of ceramic & plastic packages including Small Outline (SOIC), J-Lead PLCC, Cerquad, DIP & Leadless Chip Carrier (LCC).



  • Converts ARINC 429 Levels to Digital Data
  • Direct Replacement for the RM3183
  • Greater Than 2 Volt Receiving Hysteresis
  • TTL and CMOS Outputs and Test Inputs
  • Industrial & Extended Temperature Ranges Available
  • 20-Pin SOIC, PLCC, CERQUAD, DIP & LCC Packages Are Available



  • Avionics Data Communication
  • ARINC 429 to CMOS/TTL Level Conversion