ADK-35850: ARINC 429 Single Receiver, Single Transmitter Evaluation Board



The Holt ADK-35850 Evaluation board demonstrates the features of Holt’s HI-35850 ARINC 429 protocol IC. The HI-35850 includes a single ARINC 429 line receiver and a single ARINC 429 line driver, along with ARINC 429 specification digital protocol. The HI-35850 is a new version of Holt's well known HI-3585, with a much improved 12MHz SPI host interface. The evaluation kit includes an ARM Cortex M3 base board and a HI-35850 plug-in daughter card.


The kit uses IAR as the development IDE and an integrated USB debugger port is included on the base board so no other USB programming adapters are needed. Demonstration software is pre-programmed into the microcontroller flash which makes the board operational right out of the box without installing or running the provided software development tools. 



Evaluation Kit Contents and Features

  • 2-board assembly comprised of:

    • Upper HI-35850 daughter card and Lower MCU board with (Microchip/Atmel) ARM Cortex M3

    • 16/32-bit microprocessor, debug interface and regulated 3.3VDC power supply

  • The HI-35850 daughter card is separable and may be used for prototyping on other microprocessor platforms or boards

  • Holt HI-35850 IAR Software Project and Documentation

  • IAR Systems Embedded Workbench® for ARM download link (free 32KB KickStart version)

  • All necessary cables and adaptors are included:

    • Plug-in 5V DC power adaptor

    • USB mini debug interface cable

    • RS-232 serial cable, DB-9M to DB-9F for console I/O using a connected computer

    • USB to serial dongle adaptor