Holt Launches New 3.3V Transceiver with Remarkable Low-Power Performance

Tuesday, March 11, 2003

Mission Viejo, CA (March 11, 2003) - Holt Integrated Circuits today announced the first dual-transceiver IC available in production quantities for 3.3V MIL-STD-1553 data bus interface applications. The HI-1573 has the lowest power consumption and smallest footprint of any MIL-STD-1553 dual transceiver available today.

The single-chip CMOS HI-1573 consumes only 340 mW when transmitting at a 100% duty cycle, which is typically half that of 5V transceivers, and is housed in an ESOIC plastic SMT package that has an internal heat sink. The device’s low current consumption combined with the properties of the ESOIC package effectively eliminate the thermal management problems that have forced designers to take extraordinary measures to remove heat from printed circuit boards on which these components have been mounted.

Like all of Holt’s MIL-STD-1553 transceivers, the HI-1573 has integral circuits that protect the device from destructive operating conditions such as over-current conditions caused by an unintentional short across the transceiver’s output, and excessive current drain when connected to an unterminated bus or stub. The HI-1573 has the same pin-out arrangement and footprint of Holt’s 5V interface products for easy design upgrade and uses the same industry-standard 1:2.5 turns ratio transformer as well. In addition to the 20-pin ESOIC package, the HI-1573 is also available in the larger 20-pin ceramic DIP format.

“The HI-1573 solves some challenging problems faced by designers of military avionics data bus systems,” said company president Bill Holt. “Operation at 3.3V gives the HI-1573 inherently lower power dissipation, and our design reduces that even further. Our packages, which are the smallest in the industry, allow terminals to be made smaller and more cost effective, without the problems associated with heat dissipation.”

The new transceiver IC complements Holt’s other products for MIL-STD-1553 applications, including 5V transceivers, Manchester encoder/decoder and interface transformers. The company will expand the product family further during 2003. Samples quantities of the HI-1573 are currently available and production quantities will be available in April.

Readers interested in learning more about the HI-1573 or any of Holt’s MIL-STD-1553 products should contact Holt at (949) 859-8800, by e-mail at info@holtic.com or by visiting the Holt Web site at www.holtic.com.

About Holt Integrated Circuits

Located in Mission Viejo, CA, Holt Integrated Circuits is a major supplier of ICs for avionics and military data bus and display applications. The company’s products are specified by more than 250 manufacturers and are employed in flight control, navigation, engine management, communications, safety equipment, and in-flight entertainment systems worldwide.

Holt’s range of ICs supporting the ARINC 429 standard is the widest in the industry, and its display drivers offer high-voltage operation as well as innovative design features to enhance ease of use and testability. Holt’s transceivers for MIL-STD-1553 applications are recognized as the industry’s smallest and have the lowest power consumption. In addition, Holt also offers MIL-STD-1553 Manchester encoder/decoders and interface transformers. Holt Integrated Circuits is a certified ISO9001-2000 supplier, and many of its products are also available to DSCC SMD specifications.