HI-35960 / HI-35970 / HI-35980 / HI-35990

The HI-359x0 family from Holt Integrated Circuits are silicon gate CMOS ICs for interfacing up to eight ARINC 429 receive buses to a high-speed Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) enabled microcontroller. This new family is a drop-in replacement for Holt’s family of popular octal ARINC 429 receivers, HI-3596, HI-3597, HI-3598 and HI-3599. Each receiver has user-programmable label recognition for up to 16 labels, a four-word data buffer (FIFO), and an on-chip analog line receiver. Receive FIFO status can be monitored using the programmable external interrupt pins, or by polling the status register. Other features include the ability to switch the bitsignifiance of the ARINC 429 label and to recognize the 32nd received ARINC bit as either data or a parity flag. Some versions provide a digital transmit channel which can be utilized with an external line driver such as HI-8596 to relay information from multiple sources, for example sensors, to a single collection point such as a flight computer and can also be configured as a loopback test register for each receive channel. Versions are also available with different input resistance values to provide flexibility when using external lightning protection circuitry. The SPI and all control signals are CMOS and TTL compatible and support 3.3V or 5V operation.  


The HI-35960 and HI-35980 are full featured parts. The HI-35970 and HI-35990 give the user the option of utilizing a smaller 24-pin SOIC package with very little trade off in features. In this case, a global interrupt flag is provided instead of individual external FIFO interrupt pins. The HI-35970 is identical to the HI-35990 except that it offers the digital transmit feature and seven receive channels.




  • ARINC 429 compliant
  • 8 independent receive channels
  • Digital transmit channel (except HI-35990)
  • 3.3V or 5.0V logic supply operation
  • On-chip analog line receivers connect directly to the ARINC 429 Bus
  • Programmable label recognition for 16 labels per channel
  • Independent data rate selection for each receiver
  • 4 x 32 Receive Data FIFO per channel
  • High-speed, four-wire Serial Peripheral Interface
  • Label bit-order control
  • 32nd bit can be data or parity
  • Reduced pin-count versions (HI-35990) for minimum footprint
  • Low power
  • Industrial and extended temperature ranges available



  • Avionics data communication
  • Industrial Control