The HI-8592 bus interface product is a silicon gate CMOS device designed as a line driver in accordance with the ARINC 429 bus specifications. The part includes a negative voltage converter allowing it to operate from a single +5V supply using only two external capacitors. The part also features high-impedance outputs (tri-state) when both data inputs are taken high, allowing multiple line drivers to be connected to a common bus.



  • +5V Single Rail Supply Voltage
  • Negative voltage generated on-chip
  • Digitally selectable rise and fall times
  • Tri-state Outputs
  • 5 Ohm or 37.5 Ohm output resistance
  • Built-in 2,000V minimum ESD Protection of Logic Inputs
  • 5V or 3.3V Logic Level Compatibility
  • Plastic 8 & 14-pin thermally enhanced SOIC packages available
  • Lead-free / RoHS Compliant options available
  • Industrial & Extended Temperature Ranges
  • Burn-in Available



  • Avionics Data Communication
  • CMOS/TTL to ARINC Level Conversion
  • CMOS/TTL to RZ & NRZ Level Conversion
ADK-8592: HI-8592 CMOS 5V ARINC Line Driver Demonstration Board

ADK-8592: HI-8592 CMOS 5V ARINC Line Driver Demonstration Board

This kit demonstrates the features of Holt's HI-8592 CMOS ARINC 429 Line Driver.
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