The HI-8045 high voltage display driver is a low cost plastic, 80-segment version of the Holt HI-8040 display driver series. The 20 mil package lead pitch allows the maximum number of display driver segments in the smallest space. All the features of the HI-8040 are available with the HI-8045. An optional negative converter can generate the negative display drive voltage. Test inputs facilitate opens and shorts testing. The backplane frequency is checked and, as long as power is available, the segments are shut "OFF" if the frequency becomes too low.



  • 4 MHz serial input data rate
  • 80 segment outputs
  • Cascadable
  • 5 Volt inputs translated to 35 Volts
  • Test pins allow hardware all



  • Dichroic Liquid Crystal Displays
  • Standard Liquid Crystal Displays