The HI-3111 is a standalone Controller Area Network (CAN) controller. The device provides a complete, integrated, cost-effective solution for avionics applications implementing the CAN 2.0B specification and can be configured to comply with both the ARINC 825 (General Standardization of CAN Bus Protocol for Airborne Use) and CANaerospace standards. The HI-3111 is capable of transmitting and receiving standard data frames, extended data frames and remote frames. The device interfaces with an external host via a Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI), resulting in minimal board space. The HI-3111 provides the optimum solution for applications where minimum host (MCU) overhead is required, filtering unwanted messages using a maskable identifier filter and storing up to 8 messages in the receive FIFO. A flexible interrupt scheme allows real time servicing of the FIFO by the host, if required. Transmissions are handled using an 8 message transmit FIFO. A Transmit Enable pin can be used by the host to initiate a transmission. The device also provides monitor or listen-only mode, low power sleep mode, loopback mode for self-test and a re-transmission disable capability (necessary to implement TTCAN protocol).


The HI-3111 is a digital only version of the HI-3110. This version provides a “protocol only” solution for customers who wish to use an external transceiver and may be used in situations where the customer requires galvanic isolation between the bus and digital protocol logic.

The device is available in industrial and full extended temperature ranges, with a “RoHS compliant” lead-free option.



  • Implements CAN version 2.0B with programmable bit rate up to 1Mbit/sec. ISO 11898-5 compliant.
  • Configurable to support ARINC 825 and CANaerospace Standards.
  • Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) (20MHz).
  • Standard, Extended and Remote frames supported.
  • 8 maskable identifier filters.
  • Filtering on ID and first two data bytes for both Standard and Extended Identifiers.
  • Loopback mode for self-test.
  • Monitor (Listen-only) and Low Power Sleep Modes with automatic wake-up possible.
  • 8-message Transmit and Receive FIFOs.
  • Internal 16-bit free running counter for time tagging of transmitted or received messages.
  • Permanent dominant timeout protection.
  • Short Circuit Protection of -58V to + 58V on CAN_H, CAN_L and SPLIT pins (ISO 11898-5).
  • Re-transmission disable capability.
  • Transmit Enable pin.
  • Industrial (-40°C to +85°C) and full Extended (-55°C to +125°C) temperature ranges supported.



  • ARINC 825 and CANaerospace Avionics
  • Aerospace Controller Area Networks (CAN)
ADK-3110: HI-3110 Evaluation Board Users Guide

ADK-3110: HI-3110 Evaluation Board Users Guide

The Holt HI-3110 ARINC 825 CAN BUS Controller Evaluation Board can be used to evaluate some of the features of the HI-3110 CAN Controller IC with integrated transceiver.
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