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The HI-8500 family is a full-featured ARINC 429 Line Driver providing three choices of output resistance and a tri-state option, which allows the outputs to be put in a high-impedance state while powered on or off.


Like Holt’s industry-standard HI-8585 and HI-8586 ARINC 429 line drivers, the HI-8500 includes digital slew-rate selection to support high-speed (100kb/s) and low-speed (12.5kb/s) data rates. The part is offered in a variety of small footprint packages including 5mm x 5mm 20-lead plastic QFN package and traditional 8-pin SOIC package. Ceramic DIPs are also available.


Inputs are compatible with either 5V or 3.3V logic. Internal pull-up/down resistors are available on HI-8506 for each digital input. The resistors are brought out to pins, which may be externally grounded to hold the ARINC bus in the null-sate during system power-up, or connected to logic power to hold the outputs tri-state. This feature is of benefit when interfacing to field-programmable logic as it defines a known-state during FPGA initialization, avoiding transient bus noise at power-on.


The HI-8500 family offers a pin-for-pin drop-in replacement for the DEI1070A-DEI1075A, DEI1170A and DEI1171A.




  • Tri-state outputs
  • 8kV ESD tolerance
  • 0, 10 or 37.5 Ohm output resistance
  • Wide power supply range
  • Digital slew-rate control
  • DO-254 Certifiable
  • Drop-in alternatives to DEI1070A - DEI1075A, DEI1170A and DEI1171A
  • 20-pin, 5mm x 5mm QFN package available
  • Lead-free / RoHS compliant options available
  • Industrial & extended temperature ranges
  • Burn-in available



  • Avionics Data Communication
  • CMOS/TTL to ARINC Level Conversion
  • CMOS/TTL to RZ & NRZ Level Conversion
ADK-8500: ARINC 429 Line Driver Demo Board

ADK-8500: ARINC 429 Line Driver Demo Board

This kit demonstrates the features of Holt's HI-8500 ARINC 429 Line Driver Family.
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