The HI-8435 is a 3.3V, 32-channel discrete-to-digital sensor with Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) and built-in lightning protection. The device is fabricated with Silicon-on-Insulator (SOI) technology for robust latch-up free operation. The sense input thresholds and hysteresis are programmable via the 20MHz SPI bus and all 32 sense output states may be read with a single SPI command. The device is also fully compliant to Airbus ABD0100H. 


The 32 sensing channels are divided into 4 banks of 8 inputs, with each bank configurable over the SPI bus to detect either GND/Open or 28V/Open signals. Thresholds and hysteresis are programmable in 0.5V steps from 2V to 21V, with GND/Open and 28V/Open input banks independently configurable. 

All sense inputs are internally lightning protected to DO160G, Section 22, Cat AZ, BZ and ZZ without external components.


The device is available in industrial −40oC to +85oC and extended −55oC to +125oC temperature ranges and comes in multiple standard package options, including 44 pin PQFP and compact 7mm x 7mm 44-pin QFN.




  • 32-channel Selectable Sense Operation, GND/Open or 28V/Open
  • Programmable Thresholds and Hysteresis in 0.5V steps from 2V to 21V
  • Lightning Protected Sense Inputs
  • 20MHz Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI)
  • Airbus ABD0100H compliant
  • Robust CMOS Silicon-on-Insulator (SOI) technology
  • Industrial & extended temperature ranges available



  • Avionics discrete sensing applications



ADK-8435: HI-8435 Discrete-to-Digital Sensor Evaluation Board

ADK-8435: HI-8435 Discrete-to-Digital Sensor Evaluation Board

The Holt HI-8435 Evaluation Board demonstrates the features of the HI-8435, a 32 channel Ground/Open or 28/Open discrete-to-digital sensor IC with SPI interface. The EVM (Evaluation Module) plugs into a Holt ‘General Purpose SPI Evaluation Board, based on a Freescale MC9S12XDT512 microcontroller motherboard. The motherboard MCU communicates with the HI-8435 via the SPI interface.
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