HI-8593 / HI-8594

The HI-8593 and HI-8594 are CMOS integrated circuits designed to directly drive the ARINC 429 bus using only -5V and -5V supplies. Both devices are reduced pin count versions of HI-8592 without the negative voltage converter incorporated. These devices are compatible with Holt’s existing HI-8570 and HI-8571 respectively, with the added advantage of the tri-state outputs. For even smaller board footprint, versions are also available in leadless, surface mount QFN-style packages. Products with 5 Ohm or 37.5 Ohm resistors in series with each ARINC output are available to allow the use of external resistors for lightning protection.



  • Low Current 5 Volt Supplies
  • On-chip Line Driver Slope Control and Selection by Logic Input
  • Tri-state ARINC Outputs
  • Built-in 2,000V minimum ESD Protection of Logic Inputs
  • 5V or 3.3V Logic Level Compatibility
  • Plastic and Ceramic Package Options - Surface Mount and DIP
  • Thermally Enhanced SOIC Packages
  • Lead-free / RoHS Compliant options available
  • Industrial & Extended Temperature Ranges
  • Burn-in Available



  • Avionics Data Communication
  • CMOS/TTL to ARINC Level Conversion
  • CMOS/TTL to RZ & NRZ Level Conversion