The HI-3189 bus interface product is a silicon gate CMOS device designed as a line driver in accordance with the ARINC 429 bus specifications. It is a drop-in alternate source for the RM3182A (Fairchild /Raytheon) and DEI3182A. Inputs are provided for clocking and synchronization. These signals are AND'd with the DATA inputs to enhance system performance and allow the HI-3189 to be used in a variety of applications. Both logic and synchronization inputs feature built-in 2,000V minimum ESD input protection as well as TTL and CMOS compatibility. The HI-3189 has a digitally controlled data-rate input, allowing ARINC 429 line driver rise and fall times to be generated without changing the value of external timing components. The output voltage swing is adjustable by the application of an external voltage to the VREF input. The OUTA and OUTB outputs have internal 37.5 Ohm series resistors to meet ARINC 429 line driver impedance requirements, voltage clamp diodes to improve robustness to over-voltage conditions and are short-circuit tolerant. Alternately, the AMPA and AMPB outputs have no internal resistors for applications that require additional clamping circuits to protect the HI-3189 from voltages that exceed the Maximum Ratings. The HI-3189 line driver is intended for use where logic signals must be converted to ARINC 429 levels such as when using an ASIC, for example the HI-3584 429 Serial Transmitter/Dual Receiver, the HI-6010 ARINC 429 Transmitter/Receiver or similar ARINC Interface Device.



  • Low Power CMOS
  • Direct replacement for Fairchild/Raytheon RM3182A and DEI3182A
  • TTL and CMOS Compatible Inputs
  • Programmable Output Voltage Swing
  • Programmable ARINC Rise and Fall Times
  • Plastic 16-pin ceramic DIP and 28-lead ceramic LCC Package options
  • Operates At Data Rates Up To 100 Kbits
  • Overvoltage and Short Circuit Protection
  • Industrial & Extended Temperature Ranges Available



  • Avionics Data Communication
  • CMOS/TTL to ARINC 429 Level Conversion
  • CMOS/TTL to RZ & NRZ Level Conversion