HI-8050 / HI-8051 / HI-8150 / HI-8151

The HI-8050/51 & HI-8150/51 Series are CMOS integrated circuits designed for high voltage LCD display drive applications. The HI-8050 & HI-8051 have TTL logic inputs whereas the HI-8150 & HI-8151 have CMOS logic inputs. They drive up to 38 segments at voltages between +5 and -30 volts. The optional negative converter on the HI-8050 & HI-8150 can be used to generate the negative display drive voltage. All products have test inputs to facilitate opens and shorts testing as well as automatic blanking of the display if the +5V power is lost.

The HI-8050 and HI-8150 are designed to replace the HI-8010 and HI-8020 devices in all 5 volt applications. They offer significantly enhanced ESD protection along with a considerably faster serial input data rate.

The data is serially clocked into the device on the negative edge of the clock and latched in parallel to the segment outputs on the high to low transition of the load input. Serial output data changes on the positive edge of the clock allowing the cascading of multiple drivers for larger displays.

The device layout supports all previous pinouts of the HI-8010/HI-8020 products. In addition, new technology and features afford new packaging options. Consult your Holt Sales Representative to explore the possibilities.



  • 4 MHz serial input data rate
  • 38 segment outputs
  • Cascadable
  • 5 Volt inputs translated to 35 Volts
  • Test pins allow hardware all



  • Dichroic Liquid Crystal Displays
  • Standard Liquid Crystal Displays
  • 5 Volt Serial Data to Parallel High Voltage