HI-8787 / HI-8788

The HI-8787 and HI-8788 are system components for interfacing 16 bit parallel data to an ARINC 429 bus. They combine logic and line driver on one chip. The HI-8787 has an output resistance of 37.5 ohms, and the HI-8788 has output resistance of 10 ohms to facilitate external lightning protection circuitry. The technology is analog/digital CMOS.

Both products offer high speed data bus transactions into a buffer register. After loading 2 16-bit words, data is automatically transferred and transmitted. The data rate is equal to the clock rate. Parity can be enabled in the 32nd bit. Reset is used to initialize the logic upon startup. Word gaps are automatically sent.

The part requires +/- 10 volt supplies in addition to a 5 volt supply.



  • Automatic Conversion of 16-Bit Parallel Data to ARINC 429, 575 and 561 Data
  • High Speed Parallel 16-Bit Data Bus
  • Direct Analog Interface to the ARINC Bus
  • Digital Output Slope Control (No Capacitors Required)
  • Reset Input for Power-On Initialization
  • 32nd Transmitted ARINC Bit Selectable as Either Parity or Data
  • Simplified Lightning Protection With the Ability to Add 27.5 Ohm External Series Resistors to Each ARINC Output (HI-8788)
  • Small 32-Pin Plastic TQFP Package
  • Lower Power CMOS
  • Industrial & Extended Temperature Ranges Available



  • Avionics Data Communication
  • Parallel to Serial Conversion