The HI-8588 is an ARINC 429 bus interface receiver and is available in a SO 8 pin package. The technology is analog/digital CMOS. The circuitry requires only a 5 volt supply.

Please refer to the HI-8588-10 for applications where an external resistance in series with the ARINC inputs is required for lightning protection or when the digital outputs need to be a logic zero rather than open circuit when TESTA and TESTB are both high.



  • ARINC 429 Line Receiver Interface in a Small Outline Package
  • Receiver Input Hysteresis at Least 2 Volts
  • Test Inputs That Bypass Analog Input and Can Power Down and Tri-State Outputs
  • Plastic and Ceramic Package Options - Surface Mount and DIP
  • Industrial & Extended Temperature Ranges Available



  • Avionics Data Communication
  • ARINC 429 to CMOS/TTL Level Conversion