ADK-6110: MIL-STD-1553 Remote Terminal Design Example Using a Zilog 8-bit MCU (AN-520)

This kit demonstrates a MIL-STD-1553 Remote Terminal (RT) design using the Holt HI-6110 Message Processor product and a simple, commercial Zilog Z8F6422 8-bit microcontroller. It provides an overview of the hardware and software principles of a working design, including schematic diagrams and program flowcharts. This can be used for evalution of the HI-6110, and may be a suitable design basis for some applications. The evaluation board has the following features:

  • Two 1553 bus interfaces, transformer- or direct-coupled
  • Signal headers for connecting a logic analyzer
  • Status LEDs, buttons for board reset and test sequencing
  • DIP switch for selecting RT address and 1553 operating mode
  • Serial port for an optional computer interface
  • Microcontroller JTAG header for Zilog software debug
  • Self-contained 3.3V power supply