ADK-35851 Evaluation Board: HI-35851 ARINC 429 Repeater


The ADK-35851 Evaluation board demonstrates Holt’s HI-35851 ARINC 429 Repeater. The HI-35851 facilitates repeater functionality without the need for a microcontroller. Repeaters are useful to help clean up signaling resulting from long cable implementations or to match differing ARINC 429 data rates. Even though the HI-35851 has an internal ARINC 429 line driver, the Evaluation board pairs the HI-35851 with a HI-8597 ARINC 429 line driver to allow for a single 3.3 VDC power rail. 


The Holt ADK-35851 Evaluation board has jumpers to configure the RX and TX speeds, label flip, and also headers for input power, input ARINC 429 and output ARINC 429. There are also wire holes to aide in building the repeater board into an assembly.