ADK-8400 Evaluation Board – 800V Isolated Discrete Sensor



The ADK-8400 Evaluation Board allows customers to evaluate the features of the 800V galvanically isolated HI-8400 four channel discrete sensor IC. Each input has full isolation from the digital domain and from the other sensor inputs. The HI-8400 logic is powered from a single 3.3V ±5% or 5V ±5% supply voltage. The isolated analog sensor input is supplied from a 16VDC to 36VDC supply. Each input channel can be individually configured as a GND/Open or Supply/Open Sensor type using hardware pins. Sensor thresholds are internally set at Airbus ABD0100H levels and an SPI port is used to read sensor data.

A second board is also included to allow users to evaluate the daisy chain feature.