ADK-1584: HI-1584 Transceiver Demonstration Board


The ADK-1584 Signal Break-Out Board provides a dual 1553 bus interface comprised of HI-1584PC transceiver, PM-DB2779 dual bus transformer and two 1553 bus connection jacks or on-board resistor dummy bus loads. The board provides a convenient way to evaluate transceiver performance and function. A signal header is provided for connecting logic-level transmit, receive and control signals.


To power the board, an external power supply providing 3.3VDC at 800mA is needed. The dual row header J1 provides terminals for connecting the MIL-STD-1553 bus interface to an external user-provided Manchester encoder/decoder, as well as optional Transmit Inhibit and Receive Enable transceiver control signals.


The HI-1584 transceiver is a drop-in replacement for Data Device Corporation transceiver, BU-67401L0C0x-102.