ADK-8460 Evaluation Board Quick Start Guide: HI-8460/61 ARINC 429 Receiver with ±800V Isolation



ADK-8460 Evaluation Board allows the customer to evaluate the features of the

HI-8460/61 differential input ARINC 429 receiver.


The HI-8460/61 is designed to provide up to ±800V isolation between the line receiver and the logic interface. Internal lightning protection circuitry also ensures compliance with RTCA/DO-160G, Section 22 Level 3 Pin Injection Test Waveform Set A (3 & 4), Set B (3 & 5A) and Set Z (3 & 5B) without the use of any external components. 


Connecting an ARINC 429 source to the receiver inputs will result in the correct pattern being produced at the outputs for source voltages up to ±800V peak.