ADK-8428: HI-8428 Discrete-to-Digital Sensor Evaluation Board




The Holt HI-8428 Evaluation Board demonstrates the features of the HI-8428, an 8-channel Ground/Open or 28V/Open discrete-to-digital sensor IC with SPI interface. The HI-8428 is powered from 3.3V ± 5% VLOGIC and 12 to 16.5V VDD supply voltages. The device is configured and sensor data read by the SPI serial bus. Sensor input thresholds are fixed at Airbus specification levels. The EVM (Evaluation Module) contains a 16-bit, Freescale MC9S12XDT512 MCU, which is used to interface to a terminal emulator and control the HI-8428.


The Holt CD, included with the evaluation kit, contains example source code, providing an easy path for the customer to develop their own control software. A Serial UART output from the MCU provides debug and data messages to be sent to a PC using any terminal emulation program such as Tera Term. The HI-8428 Evaluation Board has two HI-8428 devices mounted on the board so the customer can evaluate SPI daisy chain operation. A bank of LEDs monitors the outputs on either bank of eight sensors.