ADK-8470 ADC: HI-8470 Sensor Evaluation Board

Evaluation Kit Contents

  • User Guide.

  • HI-8470 ADC Evaluation Board.

  • Bill of Materials and Gerber Files.


The HI-8470 ADC Evaluation Board demonstrates the use of Holt’s HI-8470 with an analog sensor using an Analog to Digital Converter (ADC) to interface to the sensor. The HI-8470 is a 16 channel discrete-to-digital sensor which detects the output from the ADC and re-transmitts the data on an ARINC 429 bus without a microcontroller interface.


A single 3.3V supply voltage supplies the board. It provides a compact (2.25” x 2”) unit that can be used to send low frequency analog sensor data over an ARINC 429 bus, using only two integrated circuits. A 12 bit ADC with a 1V or 2V input range from Linear Technology is mounted on the board, which is suitable for AC or DC inputs. If required the ADC can be upgraded to a 14-bit device with the same footprint.


The board is self contained and requires no software; all functions are set by hardware switches. DIP switches are used to configure the device and data inputs.