ADK-6140RT: HI-6140 Remote Terminal Application Development Kit



This development kit is solely for Remote Terminal development. If an MMSI Bus Controller evaluation kit is required, please order the separate HI-6140 BC evaluation kit.


A ready to run ANSI C language reference project is provided for the ARM Cortex M3 evaluation platform, demonstrating operation for a Remote Terminal only. For convenience, this kit includes IAR Systems Embedded Workbench® for ARM, and a fully integrated debug interface for the ARM Cortex M3 microcontroller.


The Quick Start Guide QSG-6140RT describes how to set up and run the board.  Additional support material and all required project software are found in the included Holt CD-ROM.  A version of the demonstration software is already programmed into the microcontroller flash; the board is operational right out of the box without installing or running the provided software development tools.



Evaluation Kit Contents

  • Quick Start Guide.

  • HI-6140 RT Project Software and Documentation CD.

  • Installation CD for IAR Systems Embedded Workbench® for ARM (32KB KickStart).

  • Plug-in DC power supply.

  • USB debug interface cable.

  • RS-232 serial cable, DB-9M to DB-9F for console I/O using a connected computer.

  • 2-board assembly comprised of

    • Upper HI-6140 RT board with two RS-485 links.

    • Lower MCU board with ARM Cortex M3 16-/32-bit microprocessor, debug interface and regulated 3.3VDC power supply.