ADK-3582A: HI-3582A Evaluation Kit Users Guide



The Holt HI-3582A/3583A ARINC 429 Evaluation Board demonstrates most features of the HI-3582A/3583A /3582/3583 3.3V Terminal ICs. The HI-3582A/3583A Terminal IC features a single ARINC 429 transmitter with integrated line driver and two receivers. The transmitter and both receivers feature 32 x 32 FIFOs. The device (HI-3582A/3583A) uses a 16-bit parallel data bus for interfacing to a microcontroller or FPGA. 


The 2-board Holt evaluation kit uses an Atmel Cortex M3 32-bit microcontroller (MCU) to demonstrate the features of the device. The MCU is located on the lower board and a separate HI-3582A/3583A daughter card plugs on top of the MCU board. The daughter card can be removed from the lower board and used separately with another host FPGA /MCU interface. A serial port in the MCU displays ARINC 429 transmit and receive words on the console when the computer runs a terminal emulation program like HyperTerminal or TeraTerm. The demo program includes a menu of commands entered from the console to alter the configuration of the HI-3582A (or HI-3583A) by modifying the Control Word register bits on-the-fly. Using the console commands provide a convenient way to learn the HI-3582A by making changes and seeing the effect on ARINC 429 words displayed on the console or by viewing the transmissions on an oscilloscope.