ADK-3110: HI-3110 Evaluation Board Users Guide


The Holt HI-3110 ARINC 825 CAN BUS Controller Evaluation Board can be used to evaluate some of the features of the HI-3110 CAN Controller IC with integrated transceiver. A Freescale MC9S12XDT512 microcontroller with 512K flash and 20K RAM communicates with the HI-3110 through the SPI interface. The board includes switches and LEDs to help navigate the operating modes and confirm data and status information. A Serial UART port is provided to allow debug and data messages to be sent to a PC using any terminal program such as Hyper-terminal.


Demo Board Software Features

  • Transmit Modes for Standard and Extended Frames

  • Receive Modes, polled and interrupt driven

  • Monitor Mode

  • LoopBack Mode

  • Sleep Mode with wake-up from Button press or CAN data

  • Selectable Bit Rates from 83.3KBPS - 1MBPS

  • Print out the CAN buffers (64) on the serial console

  • Print out the status registers on the serial console

  • Print out the Transmit History FIFOs on the serial console

  • Print out the Error Status registers on the serial console

  • Configuring the INT, STAT and GP1 and GP2 outputs

  • SPI clock frequency selectable from 625 KHz – 20 MHz.

  • Test Mode for cycling GPIOs and LEDs as a board check

  • CAN Filters and Masks