ADK-3200: HI-3200 Avionics Data Management Engine Evaluation Board

The Holt HI-3200 Data Management Evaluation Board demonstrates most of the features of the HI-3200 ARINC 429 – CAN Bus Bridge. The HI-3200 features 8 ARINC 429 receive channels, 4 ARINC 429 transmit channels, CAN Bus / ARINC 825 interface, programmable filters, schedulers and auto-initialization. A Freescale MC9S12XDT512 microcontroller communicates with the HI-3200 through the SPI interface. The main board “General Purpose SPI Evaluation Board” includes switches and LEDs to help navigate the operating modes and confirm data and status information. A Serial UART port allows debug and data messages to be sent to a PC using any terminal program such as HyperTerminal. The HI-3200 Evaluation Board is a daughter card that plugs on to the General Purpose SPI board via two 26 pin connectors.
The HI-3200 evaluation board can be used separate from the General Purpose SPI board if the user would like to interface their own host SPI connections.

This Users Manual provides a more detailed description of the evaluation board and demo program than in the Quick Start Guide.