3.3V ARINC 429 Low Power Single Chip Terminal

Friday, October 08, 2004

Holt’s new HI-3582 family of Low Power 3.3V ARINC 429 Single-Chip Terminal devices are designed to interface a 16-bit parallel databus directly to the ARINC 429 serial bus. Versions are available with different values of input and output resistances to easily implement external lightning protection. Like the popular 5V HI-8582 ARINC 429 Terminal ICs, the 3.3V HI-3582 products are offered in a small 52‑Pin PQFP, allowing board designers an easy transition to 3.3V with only a power supply change.

Mission Viejo, CA (October 8, 2004) – Expanding their ARINC 429 product line, Holt Integrated Circuits today announced the release of their new HI-3582 family of 3.3V ARINC 429 Single‑chip Terminal ICs. The HI-3582 is a highly integrated, complete terminal that minimizes hardware design and is available in a small 52-Pin PQFP. The HI-3582 series of silicon gate CMOS products directly interface a 3.3 volt, 16-bit parallel databus to the ARINC 429 serial bus.

Like the popular HI-8582 family of 5V ARINC 429 Terminal ICs, the HI‑3582 family incorporates all the same features and enhancements to the industry standard HI‑8282 architecture, including two independent receivers each with label recognition, 32 X 32 FIFO, and analog line receiver; and an independent transmitter with a 32 X 32 FIFO and a built-in line driver. For applications where lightning protection is a concern, versions of the HI‑3582 are available with different values of input and output resistances to allow users to easily implement lightning protection with minimum external components.

For customers already using Holt’s 5V HI-8582 ARINC 429 Terminal IC, the HI-3582 is provided with the identical functionality and footprint offering a straightforward upgrade to 3.3V with only a power supply change and no software changes. To meet other customer requirements, the HI-3582 product family is offered in ceramic as well as plastic packages with temperature screening from Industrial to full Military.

“ARINC 429 product development remains a key focus of our business,” says David Mead, Executive Vice President at Holt. “The introduction of the 3.3V HI‑3582 family is in direct response to our avionics customers who want to minimize hardware design and are seeking products that are fully compatible with their state-of-the-art FPGAs, micro-processors and memories.”

Holt Integrated Circuits has the largest selection of ARINC 429 ICs available from any supplier. Products range from simple line drivers and receivers to complete single-chip terminals. Screening options include Industrial and full Military temperature ranges. Holt’s ARINC 429 products are available in a wide selection of package options, from traditional ceramic packages to state-of-the-art thermally enhanced plastic small-outline styles. Whatever the ARINC 429 design requirements, Holt has the optimum solution for your next design. Engineering samples of the HI‑3582 family of products will be available in early-November.

Readers interested in learning more about the HI-3582 or any of Holt’s MIL‑STD‑1553 products should contact Holt at (949) 859-8800, by e-mail at info@holtic.com, or by visiting the Holt Web site at www.holtic.com.

About Holt Integrated Circuits

Located in Mission Viejo, CA, Holt Integrated Circuits is a major supplier of ICs for avionics and military databus and display applications. The company’s products are specified by more than 250 manufacturers worldwide and are employed in flight control, navigation, engine management, communications, safety equipment, and in-flight entertainment systems worldwide.

Holt’s range of ICs supporting the ARINC 429 standard is the widest in the industry, and its display drivers offer high-voltage operation as well as innovative design features to enhance ease of use and testability. Holt’s transceivers for MIL-STD-1553 applications are recognized as the industry’s smallest and have the lowest power consumption. In addition, Holt also offers MIL-STD-1553 Manchester encoder/decoders and interface transformers. Select products are also available to DSCC SMD specifications. Holt Integrated Circuits is a certified ISO 9001:2000 supplier.