Holt Reaffirms Their Continued Commitment as an Alternate Source to the Recently Obsoleted Fairchild/Raytheon ARINC 429 Products

Friday, September 12, 2003

Mission Viejo, CA (September 12, 2003) - Holt Integrated Circuits reassures its customers that their HI-3182 ARINC 429 Differential Line Drivers and HI-8482 ARINC 429 Dual Line Receivers are in full production and available from stock as viable alternatives to the RM3182, the RM3183 and other semi-custom ICs recently discontinued by Fairchild Semiconductor (formerly Raytheon).

Both the Holt HI-3182 Line Driver and the HI-8482 Dual Line Receiver are available in compatible DIP and Leadless Chip Carrier (LCC) package configurations. In addition, the HI-8482 is also available in the 20-pin plastic Small Outline (SOIC) package. All are pin-for-pin functional replacements for the corresponding discontinued Fairchild products.

“Holt is dedicated to serving the avionics market with the world’s largest selection of ARINC 429 IC products” says Jerry Donaldson, Director of Marketing at Holt. “We understand the product longevity requirements of our customers and we are committed to continue to supply these as well as all our standard avionics products well into the future.”

For further information regarding the Holt HI-3182 and the HI-8482 families of products please contact the Holt sales department at (949) 859-8800 or by E-mail at info@holtic.com. Full data sheets for all Holt Avionics Products may be downloaded from the Holt web-site www.holtic.com.

Holt Integrated Circuits is the leading supplier of avionics databus and LCD display drivers for military and avionics systems. Our mission is to provide the highest quality products along with superior customer service to our chosen markets.