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Name: QSG-8476
Title: ARINC 429 Receiver With Parallel and Serial Outputs Evaluation Board
Description: The Holt HI-8476 Evaluation Board demonstrates features of the HI-8476 ARINC 429 receiver IC. This device will decode 32 bit ARINC 429 words into parallel or serial format without the use of any software. The board and the HI-8476 can be run from a single 3.3V+/- 5% supply voltage. The HI-8476 and EVM (Evaluation Module) requires no software for control; all functions are set by hardware switches. Data can be filtered according to the label content of the ARINC word, using the LLA, LLB, LLC and FILT input setting and set with DIP switches.  Other DIP switches configure the device speed, test modes etc.

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