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Name: AN-160
Title: HI-3593 ARINC 429 / SPI Evaluation Board Hardware User's Guide
Description: The application note describes how the HI-3593 ARINC 429 Evaluation Board can be used to evaluate most of the features of the HI-3593 ARINC 429 Dual Receiver and Single Transmitter Protocol product with SPI interface. It is used in conjunction with “General Purpose SPI Evaluation Board” which includes a Freescale MC9S12XDT512 microcontroller, switches, pushbutton switches and LEDs to help navigate the operating modes and confirm data and status information. Messages and status information are viewed and optional commands are entered using any terminal program such as Hyper-Terminal connected to the Serial UART port on the General Purpose SPI board. The HI-3593 Evaluation Board is a daughter card that plugs on to the General Purpose SPI board via two 26 pin connectors. Also see AN-161 Application Note for more details of the demo software and QSG-3593 for the Evaluation Board Quick Start Guide.

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